Media & Promotions

Media Relations

The RE/MAX Special Events Team will send news releases (see samples) to the media in the area to publicize the balloon and/or activities at the event. If the balloon is scheduled to appear we will also offer one or two of the spots in the balloon basket to local media who often send someone for the daily or weekly newspaper, television or radio station. This helps to promote the event itself, as well as the balloon activities.

Input from the broker regarding the most suitable choice of media is helpful, particularly if the broker already has contacts with the local media.

Event Brochure

The event organizers often produce a special promotional booklet or newspaper supplement to advertise the event's activities. The Hot Air Balloon, Tents, Inflatable and/or Jumping Castle and Slide can be included in this material. The RE/MAX Special Events Team can provide the information, as well as a photo of the entertainment products.

Print Advertising

The RE/MAX Special Events Team will provide, if desired, a 'camera ready' generic print ad, with space for the selected local paper(s) to typeset and fill in the details that are customized to the local event. (See sample ad). It is the responsibility of the broker to book/place and pay for the advertisement.


Custom 8 ½" X 11" generic posters promoting the balloon and entertainment products can be created by broker online at or ordered from Sundance Balloons to be 11" X 17". They can be posted around town prior to the event.

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