Set Up Requirements


First determine that you have the required space for each part of the RE/MAX Special Events Team that you would like to use. The area within and above the site should be clear of obstructions such as power lines, light poles and fences. The ideal site is a level grassy field. If a vacant lot or dirt area is used, the area is to be cleared of any material that could snag or tear the equipment, such as broken glass, nails and barbed wire.

Securing Permission/Permits

Permission must be granted by the owner of the property selected as a suitable event site. Contact with the owner of a specific launch site should be made to see if the owner is agreeable to having the balloon tethered or launched from the site as well as the tents, inflatable and/or jumping castle and slide erected. Such permission should be secured in writing. Permits may be required by local authorities for using public property. Securing permission is the responsibility of the Region, Associate or Office requesting the use of the RE/MAX Special Events Team. Plan on 30-days notice to secure any required permits.


All RE/MAX Hot Air Balloons flying with a RE/MAX envelope will be insured in the RE/MAX Master Balloon Insurance Program through its Broker of Record, AirSure Ltd. No exceptions will be made. The program provides $3 million of liability insurance. If needed, Certificates of Insurance naming a landowner as additional insured can be provided at no additional cost. Please request any Certificates of Insurance through Sundance Balloons at least 2 weeks prior to your event.

Time of Day/Weather Considerations

At hot air balloon is greatly affected by weather. A clear sunny days does not necessarily make ideal conditions for a hot air balloon flight or tether. The most important factor to consider is wind. In order for the balloon to fly of tether safely the wind must be fairly calm. The tents, inflatable and jumping castle and slide can still be used if it is too windy for the hot air balloon. Please consider that the wind is calmest early in the morning before 10am and later in the day, after 6pm. It is during these times that we will have the best success rate with the hot air balloon.

Weather Conditions

Calm to Light Winds (0 - 4 km/h)

Prospect is good for tether and rides

Increased Winds (5-10 km/h)

Balloon may be fully inflated without rides, 8-10 km/h becomes marginal for tethers.

Windy (10+ km/h)

The pilot may try to inflate the balloon for promotional purposes.

Very Windy (15+ km/h)

Too windy to tether or fly. Pilot opts for Basket & Burner demonstration. He demonstrates the balloon equipment, periodically blasting burners and discussing hot air ballooning in general with the onlookers or media. Spectators can have photos taken in or around the basket.

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