Event Planning Schedule

We have outlined a "To Do" list along with a suggested timetable, to help plan ahead and ensure that all details are executed.

3 to 6 Months Prior to the Event

Request the event date using our Interactive Event Request Builder. Await confirmation of the RE/MAX Special Events Team prior to committing to any charities or events.

1 Month or More Prior to the Event

After receiving confirmation that the RE/MAX Special Events Team is coming to your event, confirm the exact location and time with event organizers. Be sure to obtain an on site contact that the RE/MAX Special Events Team can contact to confirm any further details. This may involve one person or an entire committee. The RE/MAX Special Events Team can provide you with an overview of the program, if required by the organizers.

Designate an appropriate charity if required. This could be one that your broker office favours, or it could be one that is already tied to the event.

Arrange for inclusion in the event's promotional materials.

Order posters from The RE/MAX Special Events Team or create them online and print them off. Start distributing them around city/town.

Determine advertising requirements, if applicable, for local newspaper(s) (e.g. size, cost, timing, deadline for copy).

Discuss any possible free promotion with local media contacts and forward the contact information to the RE/MAX Special Events Team to confirm.

1 to 2 Weeks Prior to the Event

Book advertising space in daily and/or weekly newspapers. The average size ad is 1/4 page. The paper will give you their rates based on size and frequency.

Confirm with the charity that they can have volunteers on-site at the event to collect the money directly for the tethered rides or Jumping Castle and Slide and sales of helium balloons or other promotions if planned. If they cannot, or if you wish, you can have your own personnel at the balloon site.

If posters were ordered or printed, start posting them in selected locations.

Confirm the exact locations for the balloon, tent and jumping castle slide with The RE/MAX Special Events Team for coordination with balloon pilot and crew.

Day(s) of the Event

It is optional for the broker to be present at the take-off of any Hot Air Balloon flights.

You may wish for your office to always have a presence at the event site, with signage, brochures or personnel.

Ensure your staff is well informed of the purpose of the event and the promotion that you are involved in. A well informed staff will ensure that you get maximum exposure for your office.

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